Does What You Eat Really Affect How You Feel?

Yes it does! It may have become an overused cliche but it is true that “you are what you eat”. This is especially true for mental wellbeing, where everything you eat and drink has a huge impact on your mood, motivation and energy levels, and where a deficiency in any one of many vitamins and minerals can cause or contribute to mental illness.
It is no accident that people turn to comfort foods when they are feeling low or that some people stop eating when they are anxious or depressed. Food is much more powerful than we give it credit for, and once you understand how different nutrients affect how you think and feel you are able to use it as a tool towards your recovery.

Small Changes, HUGE Results!

Every single tiny change you make for the better has the power to improve your health, wellbeing and quality of life.

So give it a try – you have everything to gain from it!